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Puerto Vallarta Beach Hotel Since our beach is one of Costa Sur’s main features we wanted to dedicate a section of our site to tell you just how special our Puerto Vallarta Hotel on the Beach really is, and how amazing our private beach facilities really are.

Our Puerto Vallarta beach hotel hosts a private ocean lagoon along the backside of the resort. Access is limited to the guests of Costa Sur. When the hotel was built it didn’t have a beach, the waves would break so hard a rock barrier had to be improvised allowing for our beaches to stay sandy and our peaceful ocean lagoon to be born.


As time went by the rock barrier turned into a natural reef and home to a wide variety of colorful marine life. Fish of many shapes and sizes, beautiful coral, starfish, lobster and even octopus can be seen swimming in the deeper sections of the lagoon. Make sure to take a look at our marine life photo gallery to check out some of these species. For scuba divers the visibility is really good especially on a sunny day. You can also admire banks of fish from one of our kayaks or paddle boards. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use some of our beach rental equipment, our staff is always available to give you a beginner’s course.


Unlike some of the other hotels on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, the water along our beaches is usually very calm and crystal clear offering peaceful vacation experiences and beautiful photo opportunities. Whether you like to stay at the beach for the views or for the activities, we think you’ll love the difference at Costa Sur Resort!


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