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Welcome to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta was founded in the year 1918. It started as a small fishing village until it was placed on the map by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton when filming the Night of the Iguana. Despite growing in popularity over the years, the city still carries a lot of its small village charm; and remains one of the best Mexican beach destinations within the country.

But Puerto Vallarta is so much more than just beautiful beaches. The town itself is an adventure waiting to be explored. You can walk its cobble stone streets, admire its architecture, sip wonderful local coffee at a shop in the Romantic Zone or browse the art galleries that populate so much of downtown. Only 10 minutes from Costa Sur Resort, the heart of Puerto Vallarta is an experience you won’t want to miss…



TDon’t miss el Malecon, one of Puerto Vallarta’s main attractions. This oceanfront boardwalk is over a mile-long and stretches the beach overlooking the Bay of Banderas. Full of life and people this iconic part of the city is extremely pedestrian friendly; people ride their bikes, roller blade or stroll along, admiring street performers, painters and the ever-famous sand sculptures. Make sure you bring your camera!

Searching for nightlife in Puerto Vallarta? The Malecon is very much at the heart of that as well! Find a variety of restaurants, discos, bars and lounges to entertain your wild side.

Searching for a true Mexican cultural experience? Don’t miss the “Voladores de Papantla”. This ritualistic dance performance is conducted by 5 performers who climb a 30 meter pole and using ropes and musical instruments “dance” their way back to the ground in circular motion around the pole. What is the ritual for? Traditionally it was created to end the drought, but now it happens daily as a tourist performance to share in the rich heritage and tradition of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other attractions and local sites you can see while visiting Puerto Vallarta as well. For instance every year, staring late October until mid-March the humpback whales migrate to Banderas Bay for their breeding season and to give birth. They come all the way from Canada and Alaska looking for warmer waters for their calves to be born. It certainly is amazing to see! Check with our concierge for the best available tours in Puerto Vallarta, enjoy whale watching and other great activities.


  • Snorkeling.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Kayaks and paddle boards.
  • Spa Day.
  • Enjoy really good food.


  • Sailing.
  • Whale watching.
  • Visit the zoo and botanical gardens.
  • Zip lining and adventure parks.
  • Deep Sea Fishing.